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1954 Pickup Extra Parts More Extra Parts Another view of pickup Engine 1954 Ford Pickup.  
1954 Ford F100 pickup. Complete. 1954 324 Olds engine. stick transmission. Entire pickup totally rewired, all 12V. Custom instrument cluster. Heavy core radiator. Needs repaint. Many extra body parts: hood fenders, doors, extra grill, extra windshield, extra P/U bed and one pair of rear fenders with 1950 Mercury tail lights. Everything goes. Price: $7000.00 or best offer. (310) 325-8844.
1958 Cadillac  
1958 Cadillac 360 cu.in. with J-2 transmission. Complete. Running good when removed from car. Price: $1250.00 (310) 325-8844.
Cadillac Rim  
Rim for '57 and '58 Cadillac El Dorado. Sun-Burst wheel. Good condition. Not scarred or bent. Price: $200.00 (310) 325-8844.
V12 Cadillac Manifolds.  
Log mainfolds for V12 Cadillac, 1930/1937 for 97s or ?. Header flanges with short bends are included. Price: $350.00 (310) 325-8844.
Boat Headers  
Set of boat headers for 426 Chrysler Hemi. Custom made. Never run. Price: $800.00 (310) 325-8844.
Willy's Jeepster Bumper  
Complete Willy's rear bumper for 1947 Willy's Jeepster. 63" wide. Complete with wings for attachment to rear fenders, bolts, and frame and mounting brackets. Newly chromed and never installed. Price: $500.00 (310) 325-8844.
Nash Metropolitan front bumper  
Front bumper for 1956 or 1957 Nash Metropolitan. Price: $100.00 (310) 325-8844.
Bell Housing.  
Bell housing for early Olds for standard transmission (1949-1956). Cast iron. Price: $200.00 (310) 325-8844.
Chrysler Adaptor.  
Adaptor for early Chrysler 1954-1958 to early Ford V8 transmission. Aluminum. Price: $200.00 (310) 325-8844.
Connecting Rods.  
One set of connecting rods for 1936 6 cyl. M.G. made of 4130 chromemoly steel. Hollow beam. Offset cap. Heavy walled dowels for shear and alignment. Aircraft qualified welded. Ready for finish fits. Price: $1500.00 (310) 325-8844.
Ford Pistons.  
8 each pistons, pins and rings for 292 cu. in. Ford Thunderbird. Factory originals. Eight miles on them. Can still see machine marks on rings. Factory stock removed for hop up. Good for 272 rebuild. Price: $250.00. (310) 325-8844. We also have a brand new porthole for 1955 through 1957 Ford Thunderbird hardtop for $250.00.
Dodge Power Wagon.  
Government issue Dodge Power Wagon 6 cyl. Mostly complete. No transmission. Good. Price: $500.00 (310) 325-8844.
Dodge engine front view.Dodge engine back view.Dodge Engine. Dodge 1929/1930 6 cyl engine and transmission with updraft carburator. Exhaust manifold exits at front of engine. Complete. Price: $550.00 (310) 325-8844.
Farm Wheel.  
Farm implement wheel. 20" dia * 4" width steel. 1 each, good condition. Price: $75.00 (310) 325-8844.
Farm Wheel.  
Farm implement wheel driven from inside of hub. 34" dia * 4" width. Good condition. Price: $150.00 (310) 325.8844
Trailer Hitch.  
Trailer hitch for 5th wheel type. Mounts into pickup bed. Complete. Price: $275.00 (310) 325.8844.
Ferrari Camshafts. 
1 pair of V12 Ferrari camshafts for Buono. Used as samples for new billets. Good condition. Price: $600.00 for the pair: (310) 325-8844.
We also have the following items for which no pictures are available. If you would like further information, please give us a call at (310) 325-8844:
  • 1950s De Soto crankshaft with hard chromed mains and throws. Grooved at oil holes. Needs to be finish ground. Part numbers on crank: IDF16, 14026. You identify. $550.00
  • One pair of 16" stock wheels for '49 Ford. Good condition. $85.00.
  • Dog carrier for large dog. Excellent. Like brand new. Dog not included. $110.00
  • Crankshaft for 4 cyl. Chevy II, freshly ground. $75.00.
  • Block and crank for 6 cyl. Chevy II. $120.00.
  • Porthole for 1955 through 1957 Ford Thunderbird hardtop. Brand new. $250.00.